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07:24 PM OpenMW Bug #734: Book empty line problem
Roman Proskuryakov wrote:
> Lars Söderberg wrote:
> >
> ...


02:24 PM OpenMW Support #3268 (Closed): lysol's texture pack causes FPS drops, but it doesn't show
Tried out "lysol's texture pack":, and while walking around on Vivec...
02:08 PM OpenMW Bug #3267 (Closed): Moving underwater at high speed crashes the game
Setting a very high speed, e.g. 30000, and moving underwater causes two issues;
1. The swim sound is played so oft...


08:54 AM OpenMW Bug #3203 (Closed): [Regression] Waterfalls in Vivec fall the wrong way
Waterfalls in Vivec fall up instead of down.
Tested with latest win64 nightly.


06:38 PM OpenMW Bug #3045: Settings containing '#' cannot be loaded
Just a thought: if esp-files are added to the config file unencoded, would it be possible to rename a file in such a ...


12:37 PM OpenMW Bug #2994 (Rejected): It's possible to switch weapon/spell while the console is open
Pressing the button that is set to cycle through your spells or weapons while the console is open, changes the weapon...


02:45 PM OpenMW Bug #2698: Snow and rain VFX move with the player
Jannik Heller wrote:
> Looks like MW isn't using snow.nif at all. The snow is a manual simulation like the rain is.


03:56 PM OpenMW Bug #2837: changeweather not applying if your sleep is interrupted
Perhaps that's it. Just tried it again in a location I know is in a specific region and it updated as it should.


05:09 PM OpenMW Bug #2837 (Rejected): changeweather not applying if your sleep is interrupted
If you change the weather with the console command "changeweather", you have to wait an hour for it to be applied. If...
04:56 PM OpenMW Bug #2836 (Rejected): Importer/Launcher not showing relevant MW installation and importing esm/es...
Reinstalled Windows recently and just now reinstalled Morrowind. I chose the location D:\Games\Morro...

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