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11:39 PM OpenMW Bug #4261 (Closed): Magic effects from eaten ingredients always have 1 sec duration
11:38 PM OpenMW Bug #4252 (Closed): "Error in frame: FFmpeg exception: Failed to allocate input stream" message s...
11:38 PM OpenMW Bug #3783 (Closed): [Mod] Abot's Silt Striders 1.16 - silt strider "falls" to ground and glides o...
06:50 PM OpenMW Bug #4241 (In Progress): Underwater effects are triggered for swimming player if camera looks ver...
12:01 PM OpenMW Bug #4265 (Rejected): Gamma correction changes the colour of Windows environment when windowed


11:04 AM OpenMW Feature #4255: Implement RepairedOnMe script instruction
I don't really know. Probably yes, it checks the state in the current frame, but I just adapted the "UESP description...


01:00 PM OpenMW Feature #1421: Implement missing console commands
I've separated RepairedOnMe, ToggleBorders, ToggleCombatStats, ToggleMagicStats and ToggleKillStats to their own issu...
12:55 PM OpenMW Feature #4259 (New): Implement ToggleKillStats (TKS) console command
Separated from #1421.
Turns kill statistics on/off, shown in the console.
12:54 PM OpenMW Feature #4258 (New): Implement ToggleMagicStats (TMS) console command
Separated from #1421.
Turns magic stats (Alchemy, magic skills) on/off.
12:51 PM OpenMW Feature #4257 (New): Implement ToggleCombatStats (TCS) console command
Separated from #1421.
Turns combat stats on/off.

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