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12:18 PM OpenMW Feature #4326: Additional formats for ingame books
Will Herrmann wrote:
> ePUB files are "zip files": with HTML files,...


10:36 AM OpenMW Feature #4326: Additional formats for ingame books
Will Herrmann wrote:
> The big difference with EPUB books would be that book text is now an external file, rather th...


01:21 AM OpenMW Bug #3836: Script fails to compile when command argument contains "\n"
> What is the desired behavior for this? I could probably make a patch.
This might be a tricky thing to fix. In mo...


03:43 AM OpenMW Bug #4305: Segfault when exception on launch
scrawl . wrote:
> Also, I think I found the cause: when an exception is thrown in the constructor of World, it's des...


08:26 PM OpenMW Bug #4305: Segfault when exception on launch
Xander Flood wrote:
> Any tips on getting a debug build?
Run cmake with the ...


01:38 AM OpenMW Feature #4285: Support soundgen calls for activators
It's been a while since I dealt with the soundgen stuff, but IIRC it works by matching the type of creature in the li...


12:26 PM OpenMW Bug #3747: NPC lip movement differs from original engine
> Can you explain the output of the function you pointed to? I'm not sure how the range of [-1, 1] translates to "lou...


06:53 AM OpenMW Feature #4273: (Toggle) Allow spells to be cast while weapon is drawn
> Swift casting. Allows casting from any stance, just like Oblivion, with the "ready magic" button. Ready spell stanc...


02:59 AM OpenMW Support #4267: Game freezes when exiting prisoner boat at the start of the game
That behavior seems to suggest it's not drawing the scene properly, so it sticks with whatever was last drawn to the ...


03:42 PM OpenMW Bug #2958: Alt-Tab and gamma settings
The point of gamma is to adjust the energy output of the monitor. This is supposed to be a global thing that affects ...

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