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10:25 PM OpenMW Bug #4115: Magicka not stored in saved game
I'd wager that auto-calculation is being triggered. Whenever your intelligence changes, magicka is supposed to update...
09:32 PM OpenMW Bug #4112: Inventory sort order is inconsistent
... and the item ID.
09:30 PM OpenMW Bug #4112: Inventory sort order is inconsistent
Doesn't matter much, as long as it's consistent. We should take into account anything from "cellref":https://github.c...
08:47 PM OpenMW Bug #3450: Camera should move close to the player in 3rd person mode, if the view is blocked
> vanilla uses the rendered model;
I'm pretty sure that's what it was. I tried doing the same once, but then I got...
08:42 PM OpenMW Bug #4112 (Confirmed): Inventory sort order is inconsistent
Currently, we only "sort": ...
08:38 PM OpenMW Bug #3110: GetDetected doesn't work without a reference
> Also I'm not sure about how GetDetected works in vanilla game, but in OpenMW it uses MechanicsManager::awarenessChe...
08:33 PM OpenMW Bug #4113 (Confirmed): Screen resolution not always saved if you restart out of full-screen mode
Thanks for reporting this bug. This behavior always bothered me a lot, but for some reason I never thought to do some...


01:16 AM OpenMW Revision d294d7e2 (openmw): Fix possible fall damage when switching from falling to flying
01:09 AM OpenMW Bug #4049 (Closed): Reloading a saved game while falling prevents damage
01:07 AM OpenMW Revision 00034192 (openmw): Fix player Ptr in RenderingManager not being updated on cell changes
Noticed that 'setpos' wasn't working in the console with the player selected.

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