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06:02 AM OpenMW Revision 784cba21 (openmw): [Feature #881] Change Tabs to Spaces
Some of the tabs were not made of spaces, so Git defaults tabs to the
length of 8 spaces. OpenMW uses 4 spaces per tab.


06:25 AM OpenMW Feature #138: Editor: Drag & Drop
Updated the old forum link in the description to the explanation in the new forum.


01:24 PM OpenMW Revision 6b11f59e (openmw): [Feature #881] Rename QLocalServer
The server name should be more unique to the project so there isn't a
interprocess clash.
12:22 PM OpenMW Revision 0ae2bb2f (openmw): [Feature #881] Code Formatting
Code formatted to the OpenMW policy.
11:12 AM OpenMW Revision 563bd0b4 (openmw): [Feature #881] Raise OpenCS New Window After Re-execution
The OpenCS startup window of the existing exist is raised when trying to
start a new instance. This is done by the ne...
08:44 AM OpenMW Revision 51332b86 (openmw): [Feature #811] Only 1 Instance of OpenCS is Allowed
If another instance of OpenCS is started, then it will terminate. This
is done by creating a QLocalServer with a uniq...


11:59 AM OpenMW Feature #881: Editor: Allow only one instance of OpenCS
I have working example using QSharedMemory to only allow one instance. I am working on getting the start window to co...
11:59 AM OpenMW 20.00 hours (Feature #881 (Closed): Editor: Allow only one instance of OpenCS)
This is including research and implementation on QtSingleApplication which was abandoned to use QSharedMemory.


12:14 AM OpenMW Revision 2e8b0cf5 (openmw): Remove Directory Paths in Qt Classes Includes
Qt recommends that the path location not be used when including a class.
Also, this is how other files include Qt cla...

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