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06:26 PM OpenMW Bug #4028: Game crashes when using more than 255 content files
Dark Locq wrote:
> I'm unable to compile my own copy. As a MacPorts and Homebrew user, I can't even compile the depe...


12:36 AM OpenMW Bug #3810: Underwater sound stretching
Could you provide a savegame and/or video of this happening in OpenMW? Voices taking three times longer to complete i...
10:50 PM OpenMW Bug #2222: Fatigue's effect on selling price is backwards
For what it's worth, this is not something that MCP has ever fixed, so we don't have an already tested solution from ...
10:25 PM OpenMW Bug #3708: Controllers broken on macOS
I mistyped in the last message: this happens both with the latest nightly build (which already has this patch install...
09:58 PM OpenMW Feature #3930: OpenMW-CS: Preview the contents of a book
@Paul McElroy Unfortunately, web browsers alone won't work for some of the books. For instance, here is the source fo...
09:45 PM OpenMW Bug #4028: Game crashes when using more than 255 content files
> I should probably provide it in a private message rather than a public post, since technically doing the latter mig...
09:43 PM OpenMW Feature #4054: [Launcher] Create menu for settings.cfg options
> Fair point. I like to use the forum for things that may or may not go anywhere, when a request looks sensible then ...
07:09 AM OpenMW Bug #2842: Merchants can have few stocks of the same item
I think this is the same issue as #1933 (which I can see why people forgot about it; it was never assigned a version ...
06:45 AM OpenMW Feature #4054: [Launcher] Create menu for settings.cfg options
You know, you could always join us mere mortals in the forum to discuss the topics too ;)
> > the next step would ...
04:58 AM OpenMW Bug #3978: Instant opening and closing happens when using a Controller with Menus/Containers
Does this have any relation to #3123 (Dialogue box is automatically closed using gamepad)?

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