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06:56 PM OpenMW Bug #4113 (Confirmed): Screen resolution not always saved if you restart out of full-screen mode
* Start game
* Set resolution to 1344 x 756 (16 : 9)
* Go full-screen, play the game a while, change ...
06:47 PM OpenMW Bug #4112 (Closed): Inventory sort order is inconsistent
It's really unhelpful that inventory items with the same base name randomize their order, and keep re-randomizing any...
06:14 PM OpenMW Bug #4111 (Confirmed): Crash when mouse over soulgem with a now-missing soul
* Install a creature mod.
* Soul trap a creature from that mod.
* Save and shut down the game.
* Remo...
12:18 PM OpenMW Bug #4077: Enchanted items are not recharged if they are not in the player's inventory
Question: Would an item recharge in Bethesda's engine under all of the following circumstances?:
* An NPC used it ...


11:00 PM OpenMW Bug #4028: Game crashes when using more than 255 content files
Yes, it fails: ...
10:52 PM OpenMW Feature #4085: Content files commented out in openmw.cfg shouldn't appear in Data Files tab in ga...
I object to this being summarily rejected on the rationale given for rejecting it.
> Why not just delete the file ...


12:05 PM OpenMW Feature #4099: Identify what content file an object comes from
Good to know. I'll monkey around with it and see if I can figure it out enough to document it a little. Thanks for ...
12:01 PM OpenMW Task #4101 (New): Activity dropdown could use a "Testing" option
The Activity dropdown in the site, for labeling logged time, only has "Design" and "Development" opti...
11:54 AM OpenMW 2.00 hours (Bug #4098 (Confirmed): [Mod] South Wall, Den of Iniquity: collisions cause a huge fps...
Installed, tested, figured out workaround
11:54 AM OpenMW Bug #4098: [Mod] South Wall, Den of Iniquity: collisions cause a huge fps drop
Testing so far with "South Wall, Den of Iniquity" installed in-game:
* Slow-down only happens when the modified Sout...

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