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Project Date User Activity Issue Comment Hours
OpenMW02/19/2013Joel GraffDevelopmentFeature #466: Editor: abort function for operationsAdded basic feature. Needs layout work, which will depend on solution for #465.2.00
OpenMW02/14/2013Joel GraffDevelopmentFeature #462: Editor: Start DialogueStarted working on this...0.00
OpenMW02/14/2013Joel GraffDevelopmentFeature #465: Editor: Improve appearance of operations widgetTesting widget height0.50
OpenMW02/14/2013Joel GraffDevelopmentFeature #494: Editor: add an application iconAdded openmw.ico to main application. Will still need to address platform-specific issue for the desktop icon...1.00
OpenMW11/06/2012Benoît HoessenDevelopmentTask #164: Doxygen Cleanup1.00
OpenMW11/06/2012Benoît HoessenDesignTask #164: Doxygen Cleanupnamespaces provoking errors0.50
OpenMW07/10/2012Nikolay KasyanovDevelopmentFeature #230: 64-bit compatibility for OS X1.50
OpenMW06/08/2012Mark SiewertDesignFeature #29: Allow ESPs and multiple ESMsDetails on some subsystems that need a special merging process1.00
OpenMW03/29/2012AnonymousDevelopmentFeature #221: NPC Dialogue Window Enhancementspretty much done8.00
OpenMW03/29/2012AnonymousDevelopmentFeature #221: NPC Dialogue Window Enhancementsgetting there1.00
OpenMW01/30/2012Cris MihalacheDevelopmentTask #108: Refactor window manager class2.00
OpenMW01/30/2012Cris MihalacheDevelopmentTask #108: Refactor window manager classGot started moving things around, got a feel for how character creation is handled.2.00
OpenMW01/29/2012Cris MihalacheDevelopmentTask #173: Create OpenEngine systems in the appropriate manager classesMoved OEngine::Physics::PhysicsEngine and OEngine::GUI::MyGuiManager to their rightful places. Let me know if this is what you wanted.0.50
OpenMW12/27/2011Brandon DulaneyDevelopmentTask #172: Sound Manager CleanupRemoved boost-timer from Sound Manager1.00
OpenMW09/22/2011gus gusDevelopmentBug #154: FPS DropFinished?10.00
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