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Project Date User Activity Issue Comment Hours
OpenMW01/30/2012Cris MihalacheDevelopmentTask #108: Refactor window manager class2.00
OpenMW01/30/2012Cris MihalacheDevelopmentTask #108: Refactor window manager classGot started moving things around, got a feel for how character creation is handled.2.00
OpenMW05/11/2013Roman ProskuryakovDesignBug #672: incorrect trajectory of the moons 3.00
OpenMW04/02/2014Jeffrey HainesDevelopmentFeature #73: Crime and PunishmentCrimes are now detected and punished. 4.00
OpenMW05/10/2013Roman ProskuryakovDevelopmentBug #751: AddItem should only spawn a message box when called from dialogue4.00
OpenMW03/28/2014Jeffrey HainesDevelopmentFeature #953: Trader goldGold reset delay is now implemented. 5.00
OpenMW03/31/2013Joel GraffDevelopmentFeature #461: Editor: User SettingsAdded dialog and four user settings5.00
OpenMW08/03/2013Joshua WhiteDesignFeature #721: OpenMW-CS: Better initial size and position for newly opened subviewsThe way QT handles sub-windows8.00
OpenMW03/29/2012AnonymousDevelopmentFeature #221: NPC Dialogue Window Enhancementspretty much done8.00
OpenMW05/07/2013Joel GraffDevelopmentFeature #461: Editor: User SettingsCommitted code to github10.00
OpenMW05/01/2013Joel GraffDevelopmentFeature #461: Editor: User SettingsFinished signalling and writing to file. Remaining task: section listwidget10.00
OpenMW09/22/2011gus gusDevelopmentBug #154: FPS DropFinished?10.00
OpenMW08/28/2014Stanislav BobrovDevelopmentFeature #1616: Editor: Body part record verifier16.00
OpenMW09/02/2013Marc BouvierDevelopmentFeature #881: Editor: Allow only one instance of OpenCSThis is including research and implementation on QtSingleApplication which was abandoned to use QSharedMemory.20.00
OpenMW04/25/2013Joel GraffDevelopmentFeature #461: Editor: User SettingsFinished UI, setting validation20.00
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