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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
4023OpenMWBugConfirmedHigh[macOS] Left-Ctrl no longer working as "pick one from stack"09/11/2017 03:17 PM
4013OpenMWBugFeedback neededHighGame spawns enourmous amounts of enemies09/11/2017 03:17 PM
4012OpenMWFeatureNewHighOpenMW-CS: Create log file like with OpenMW08/18/2017 09:38 PM
3996OpenMWBugNewHighOpenMW freezing at seemingly random intervals08/29/2017 03:55 AM
3994OpenMWBugNewHighAnti-Aliasing Disabling Itself Randomly09/11/2017 04:43 PM
3789OpenMWBugNewHighCrash while in battle09/14/2017 10:30 PM
3716OpenMWBugFeedback neededHighess-Importer: Slow-downs in the Ashlands09/16/2017 11:54 PM
3680OpenMWBugConfirmedHigh[macOS] OpenMW-CS: Character key bindings not working09/11/2017 12:11 AM
3595OpenMWBugNewHighCrash when Alt + Tab is used09/18/2017 10:14 PM
2229OpenMWFeatureNewHighImprove pathfinding AI03/02/2017 04:32 AM
1000OpenMWBugIn ProgressHighBethesda's Morrowind is still predominantly played with its original engine09/13/2017 05:11 PM
4118OpenMWBugNewNormalOpenmw additem is different from vanilla additem09/20/2017 03:42 AM
4117OpenMWBugNewNormalBroken companion teleportation interior cell to exterior cell09/19/2017 11:26 PM
4115OpenMWBugNewNormalMagicka not stored in saved game09/18/2017 10:31 PM
4113OpenMWBugConfirmedNormalScreen resolution not always saved if you restart out of full-screen mode09/18/2017 08:33 PM
4112OpenMWBugIn ProgressNormalInventory sort order is inconsistentAndrei Kortunov09/19/2017 08:40 AM
4111OpenMWBugConfirmedNormalCrash when mouse over soulgem with a now-missing soul09/18/2017 06:31 PM
4110OpenMWBugNewNormalOpenmw-cs shortcut keys dont remember the assigned command09/18/2017 09:40 AM
4109OpenMWFeatureNewNormalOpenMW-CS - add "copy" facility to edit dropdown09/17/2017 05:25 PM
4108OpenMWFeatureNewNormalOpenMW-CS - Export facility for dialogue09/17/2017 05:25 PM
4106OpenMWBugNewNormalSegmentation fault Cast spell and switch cell09/17/2017 08:52 AM
4103OpenMWFeatureNewNormalOpenMW-CS - extend verification to Script Text in TopicInfo09/15/2017 10:23 PM
4101OpenMWTaskNewNormalActivity dropdown could use a "Testing" optionLukasz Gromanowski09/13/2017 03:02 PM
4098OpenMWBugConfirmedNormal[Mod] South Wall, Den of Iniquity: collisions cause a huge fps drop09/17/2017 02:26 PM
4095OpenMWBugResolvedNormalError in framelistener when take all items from a dead corpseAndrei Kortunov09/11/2017 01:05 PM
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