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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
4221OpenMWBugNewNormalGot stuck in a swamp, tcl needed to get out11/23/2017 04:30 AM
4220OpenMWBugNewNormalMOD Fort Firemoth11/22/2017 12:15 PM
4219OpenMWBugNewNormalMOD Province Cyrodiil Area north of Stirk island causes game to lock up11/22/2017 04:33 PM
4218OpenMWBugNewNormalSnow in OpenMW is different from snow in Morrowind11/21/2017 08:11 AM
4217OpenMWSupportNewNormalFixme not effective11/21/2017 03:34 AM
4216OpenMWBugNewNormalThrown weapon projectile doesn't rotate11/23/2017 12:36 AM
4215OpenMWBugConfirmedNormalsome cut off/misaligned/... with German Morrowind11/22/2017 04:28 PM
4213OpenMWBugFeedback neededNormalGuards and hostile creatures do not start combat11/22/2017 10:41 PM
4209OpenMWBugNewNormalCS can not view or edit PCRANK for factions11/22/2017 02:45 AM
4207OpenMWBugConfirmedNormalRestoreHealth/Fatigue spells have a huge priority even if a success chance is near 011/11/2017 03:28 PM
4206OpenMWSupportNewNormalOpenMW-CS doesn't open11/19/2017 02:28 AM
4204OpenMWBugConfirmedLowDead slaughterfish doesn't float to water surface after loading saved game11/10/2017 08:56 PM
4203OpenMWBugConfirmedNormalCrash when resurrecting an actor and loot GUI opened11/10/2017 08:40 PM
4202OpenMWFeatureNewNormalOpen .omwaddon files without needing to open openmw-cs first.11/14/2017 10:50 PM
4201OpenMWFeatureIn ProgressLowProjectile-projectile collisionrexelion .11/21/2017 02:53 AM
4198OpenMWBugNewLowOngoing death/knockdown animation resets/replayed every time player changes cell11/13/2017 01:49 PM
4197OpenMWBugFeedback neededNormalFiltering change to trilinear, UI becomes transparent11/10/2017 09:10 PM
4194OpenMWBugNewNormalNPC move closer to the player if the spell projectile hits the player11/14/2017 10:51 PM
4191OpenMWBugNewNormal"screenshot saved" message also appears in the screenshot image11/14/2017 10:51 PM
4187OpenMWBugNewNormalSliding downwards when flying11/04/2017 12:08 AM
4186OpenMWSupportNewNormalBright illumination when camera is in certain positions11/08/2017 01:30 AM
4185OpenMWBugNewNormalGuards behavior is inconsistent11/11/2017 02:51 PM
4183OpenMWBugConfirmedNormalGhostgate Graphical Glitch11/04/2017 06:16 PM
4182OpenMWSupportNewNormalDoesn't start on Windows 10 x6410/31/2017 05:19 PM
4178OpenMWFeatureNewNormalDo not loot on dispose corpse10/28/2017 03:29 PM
4175OpenMWBugConfirmedLowObjects "vibrate" when extremely far from (0,0)11/04/2017 12:46 AM
4174OpenMWFeatureNewNormalMultiple quicksaves10/25/2017 11:31 PM
4170OpenMWBugNewNormalCliffracer, killed by the rock, starts floating after loading the game10/22/2017 06:01 PM
4160OpenMWBugFeedback neededNormalJumping does not mimic vanilla behavior10/22/2017 09:48 PM
4151OpenMWBugNewNormalConsole is unusable if a game was started with a Russian keyboard layout11/11/2017 07:27 AM
4150OpenMWBugNewNormal[Regression] Service buttons in the dialogue window sometimes do nothing10/08/2017 07:38 AM
4143OpenMWBugNewNormal"Force shaders" setting produces graphics artifacts10/09/2017 06:11 AM
4142OpenMWBugNewNormalThe maximum health of werewolves not modified10/14/2017 06:25 PM
4141OpenMWBugNewNormalPCSkipEquip isn't set to 1 when reading books/scrolls10/05/2017 09:04 PM
4140OpenMWBugNewNormalSun shines through terrain11/17/2017 02:50 PM
4139OpenMWBugNewNormalVelk are spawned underground in Tamriel Rebuilt10/06/2017 07:24 PM
4136OpenMWBugConfirmedNormalEnchanted weapons without "ignore normal weapons" flag don't bypass creature "ignore normal weapons" effect10/28/2017 05:36 PM
4134OpenMWBugConfirmedNormalBattle music behaves different than vanilla10/28/2017 03:38 PM
4133OpenMWBugFeedback neededNormal[Regression] [Mod] Abot's Boats no longer works with newer Nightly Builds10/20/2017 04:10 PM
4132OpenMWBugConfirmedNormalMultiple GUI widget highlights10/02/2017 02:49 AM
4129OpenMWFeatureNewNormalBeta Comment to File09/29/2017 01:15 AM
4127OpenMWBugConfirmedNormalWeapon animation looks choppy11/20/2017 04:01 PM
4125OpenMWBugConfirmedLowOpenMW logo cropped on bugtrackerLukasz Gromanowski09/23/2017 12:51 PM
4122OpenMWBugConfirmedLowSwim animation should not be interrupted during underwater attack10/24/2017 09:53 PM
4120OpenMWFeatureNewNormalOpenMW-CS extend "search" to include Topic Info Script Text fields09/22/2017 11:36 AM
4118OpenMWBugNewNormalOpenmw additem is different from vanilla additem09/20/2017 03:42 AM
4111OpenMWBugConfirmedNormalCrash when mouse over soulgem with a now-missing soul10/06/2017 06:33 PM
4110OpenMWBugNewNormalOpenmw-cs shortcut keys dont remember the assigned command09/18/2017 09:40 AM
4109OpenMWFeatureNewNormalOpenMW-CS - add "copy" facility to edit dropdown09/17/2017 05:25 PM
4108OpenMWFeatureNewNormalOpenMW-CS - Export facility for dialogue09/17/2017 05:25 PM
4106OpenMWBugFeedback neededNormalSegmentation fault Cast spell and switch cell09/20/2017 05:03 PM
4103OpenMWFeatureNewNormalOpenMW-CS - extend verification to Script Text in TopicInfo09/15/2017 10:23 PM
4098OpenMWBugConfirmedNormal[Mod] South Wall, Den of Iniquity: collisions cause a huge fps drop09/17/2017 02:26 PM
4090OpenMWTaskNewNormalScripting documentation09/08/2017 11:21 PM
4087OpenMWTaskNewNormalWatched issues not always tracked after using "Personalize this page"Lukasz Gromanowski09/08/2017 08:24 PM
4086OpenMWBugNewNormalGame app keeps moving/deleting comments in openmw.cfg09/10/2017 04:42 PM
4083OpenMWBugConfirmedNormalWhen opening a door and running/walking into it before it stops, it freezes into place regardless of which way it was swinging, until you stop touching it09/08/2017 09:05 PM
4081OpenMWBugConfirmedNormalCS verify hangs after deletion of node from path grid09/15/2017 07:04 PM
4077OpenMWBugConfirmedNormalEnchanted items are not recharged if they are not in the player's inventory09/23/2017 12:55 AM
4073OpenMWBugConfirmedNormalEditor: Autocalc on spells doesn't automatically calculate magicka cost10/30/2017 01:53 PM
4068OpenMWFeatureNewNormalOpenMW-CS: Add a way to reset key bindings to defaults09/03/2017 02:03 AM
4067OpenMWFeatureNewNormalEffect compositor09/02/2017 11:57 PM
4066OpenMWBugConfirmedNormalTopicInfo with player->PositionCell in Script Text causes CTD11/04/2017 11:33 AM
4064OpenMWFeatureNewLowOffer (as alternative) fix of the "first companion travels free" bug/feature09/02/2017 09:39 AM
4061OpenMWBugConfirmedNormalScripts error on "." included in name09/17/2017 10:58 PM
4059OpenMWFeatureNewLowFrame Rate display (F3)09/02/2017 10:24 AM
4058OpenMWFeatureNewLowAbility to configure where your screenshots are saved09/01/2017 11:51 PM
4055OpenMWBugConfirmedNormalLocal scripts don't inherit variables from their base record.09/21/2017 04:32 PM
4054OpenMWFeatureNewNormal[Launcher] Create menu for settings.cfg options09/10/2017 09:43 PM
4052OpenMW Example SuiteFeatureNewNormalGraveyard fenceDestinedTo Die08/31/2017 11:52 AM
4048OpenMWBugConfirmedNormalCrash catcher: Debugger detection not reliable09/03/2017 05:15 PM
4047OpenMWBugConfirmedNormalOpenMW not reporting its version number in MacOS; OpenMW-CS not doing it fully09/11/2017 03:17 PM
4044OpenMWBugFeedback neededNormal[Mac OS X] When launching OpenMW and pressing "play", the Application is not the foreground app09/03/2017 02:18 AM
4043OpenMWBugConfirmedNormalLighting displays incorrectly on the first frame when entering a new area11/03/2017 05:26 PM
4039OpenMWBugConfirmedNormalMultiple followers should have the same following distance10/24/2017 12:01 AM
4038OpenMWBugNewNormalWeapons do not register properly when "fCombatAngleXY" value is changed, may be releated to Fortify Attack08/30/2017 09:32 PM
4036OpenMWBugIn ProgressNormalWeird behaviour of AI packages if package target has non-unique IDAndrei Kortunov11/21/2017 07:41 PM
4034OpenMWFeatureNewLowDropdown Menu for Race Selection08/20/2017 08:44 PM
4032OpenMWBugNewNormalCrash when selling stolen Soul Gems to Galbedir10/15/2017 12:43 AM
4029OpenMWBugNewNormalCandle Flame is Not Bright08/30/2017 08:20 PM
4028OpenMWBugFeedback neededNormalGame crashes when using more than 255 content files11/04/2017 11:37 AM
4023OpenMWBugConfirmedHigh[macOS] Left-Ctrl no longer working as "pick one from stack"09/11/2017 03:17 PM
4021OpenMWBugConfirmedNormalAttributes and skills are not stored as floats09/17/2017 06:18 PM
4015OpenMWFeatureNewNormalUse AppVeyor build artifact features to make continuous builds availableLennart Bernhardt08/27/2017 04:25 PM
4013OpenMWBugConfirmedHighGame spawns enourmous amounts of enemies10/11/2017 07:15 AM
4012OpenMWFeatureNewHighOpenMW-CS: Create log file like with OpenMW08/18/2017 09:38 PM
4009OpenMWBugConfirmedNormalLauncher does not show data files on the first run after installing09/11/2017 03:13 PM
4006OpenMWBugConfirmedNormalNPCs summon bear and wolf in combat if fNPCbaseMagickaMult > 509/12/2017 05:05 PM
4001OpenMWFeatureNewNormalToggle sneak shortcut09/11/2017 03:10 PM
4000OpenMWFeatureNewNormalKeyboard and Gamepad button combinations09/11/2017 03:17 PM
3999OpenMWFeatureNewNormalShift + Double Click should maximize/restore menu size08/15/2017 05:24 PM
3998OpenMWBugNewNormalVSync can cause graphical glitches09/11/2017 03:17 PM
3997OpenMWBugResolvedNormalAlmalexia doesn't paceAndrei Kortunov10/23/2017 02:10 PM
3996OpenMWBugFeedback neededHighOpenMW freezing at seemingly random intervals10/08/2017 02:51 PM
3994OpenMWBugNewHighAnti-Aliasing Disabling Itself Randomly09/11/2017 04:43 PM
3990OpenMWFeatureNewNormalEditor: Script GUI10/30/2017 06:44 PM
3989OpenMWBugConfirmedNormal[OSG 3.5.6] Unable to activate some items09/11/2017 06:15 PM
3986OpenMWBugConfirmedNormalNot correct light from a target spell10/07/2017 11:23 PM
3985OpenMWFeatureNewNormalGamepad Mode Keyboard GUI08/19/2017 03:33 PM
3984OpenMWFeatureNewNormalLauncher: Add a way to automatically download the game from Steam08/03/2017 04:46 AM
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