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Models cannot load body parts

Added by letrea a 4 months ago. Updated 3 months ago.

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When attempting to play Morrowind GOTY using a fresh install from Steam or GOG, I get the following error on the menu after it loads the .esm files:

Error adding NPC part: Can't find attachment node Right Foot

This repeats for every bodypart. Starting a new game, I get those errors again, along with:
Warning: addAnimSource: can't find bone 'bip01 spine 2' in meshes\xbase_anim_female.nif (referenced by meshes\xbase_anim.kf)

Also for every body part. The player starts inside of a wall of the boat, and cannot move or use any other controls after the NPC interaction happens that enables controls. Loading a save, the first person view is the skybox. In third person, I can see the world normally but my character is invisible, their weapons however are not.

System information:

OpenMW version 0.43.0
Revision: 7367899634

OS: Arch Linux x86_64
Kernel: 4.14.5-1-ARCH
CPU: AMD FX-6100 (6) @ 3.310GHz
GPU: AMD Radeon HD 7870 GHz Edition
GPU Driver: xf86-video-ati


#1 Updated by letrea a 3 months ago

Even going as far back to commits from June of 2016, I'm still getting this error. So unfortunately I can't git diff.

#2 Updated by scrawl . 3 months ago

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Since no one else is reporting this, it's more than likely an issue with your installation.
1.) Make sure there are no files (left over from a mod or some such) in ~/.local/share/openmw/data or some other path that are overriding your original BSA data files.
2.) Check openmw.cfg for any data paths that you did not intend to use.

#3 Updated by letrea a 3 months ago

I have no doubt that it's specific to my setup, but even after an entire purge of all openmw related directories and using a fresh install of vanilla Morrowind, I'm still getting this error. I suspect it to be a driver issue or something similar.

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