Bug #4231

Infected rats from the "Crimson Plague" quest rendered unconscious by change in Drain Fatigue functionality

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All infected rats that appear during the "Crimson Plague" Tribunal quest are permanently unconscious.

This probably occurs because the disease carried by the rats gives them Drain Fatigue 100, Drain Strength 10 and Drain Endurance 10, the attribute portion of which causes the infected rat's 300 Fatigue to be recalculated as 90, which Drain Fatigue then reduces below 0. The issue does not occur in vanilla morrowind because Drain Fatigue only affects current fatigue in vanilla (so fatigue would be reduced to 200/300 then recalculated as 60/90 after the Drain Attribute portion is applied) while OpenMW applies the effect to Max Fatigue (reducing it to -10 after attribute recalculation).

Version is OpenMW .42 win32 with GoTY Edition (CD) and only official plugins installed.


#1 Updated by Andrei Kortunov 5 months ago

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Drain Fatigue only affects current fatigue in vanilla

Yes, in OpenMW Damage Fatigue affects the current fatigue level, and Drain Fatigue affects the maximum level.
IIRC, MCP had the same behaviour and broke this quest too.

I am not sure that we should replicate vanilla behaviour in this case.

#2 Updated by Feather Mind 5 months ago

It does make contracting Crimson Plague significantly more dangerous, as a combination of it and other diseases and/or damage attribute effects could render the player character permanently unconscious.

That aside, a fix that keeps current Drain Fatigue functionality could be to take abnormal Fatigue values into account when attribute changes trigger Fatigue recalculation. Instead of recalculating it as Current Strength + Current Willpower + Current Endurance + Current Agility it could be recalculated as Current Strength + Current Willpower + Current Endurance + Current Agility + Base Fatigue - (Base Strength + Base Willpower + Base Endurance + Base Agility). In the Infected Rats' case, this would cause their Fatigue to recalculate to 280 and then be drained to 180, instead of recalculating to 90 and being drained to -10.

Such a fix could be applied to Magicka as well and would also prevent the exploit of draining a powerful foe's attributes to purposefully cause recalculation of abnormally high Fatigue or Magicka values.

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