Bug #4225

Double "Activate" key presses with Mouse and Gamepad.

Added by Paul McElroy 5 months ago. Updated 2 months ago.

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Note: This is similar to Bug #3978 but this particular problem was not fixed when Bug #3978 was fixed.

There are two distinct behaviors associated with this bug, and whether they should be split into two Issues I shall leave up to other developers.

This problem is present using a gamepad (such as an Xbox One controller) or when using the mouse with the "Activate" key mapped to the left mouse button.

Problem 1 - Menu exiting.

When in some menus such as the character creation's race or sign menu pressing the button assigned to "Activate" (default is the A button on an Xbox One controller) intending to select options within that menu such as character race/hair/face, selecting star sign, or trying to click and drag the slider bar will instantly select whatever option you had the cursor over and then bypass to closing the menu as if you had pressed "Next" or "Done".

Problem 2 - Dialogue Topic Doubling.

When in dialogue, trying to select a topic from the right topic selection menu will activate that topic once when the key/button is pressed and once upon releasing the button resulting in the topic being run twice.

This was recently tested on OpenMW-0.43.0-RC1-win64.exe

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Duplicated by OpenMW - Bug #4371: Xbox One controller registers one button press as two on Windows Rejected 03/30/2018

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Revision f28024b5 (diff)
Added by scrawl . 2 months ago

Don't use Activate and Move keys for GUI navigation if bound to mouse buttons (Fixes #4225, Fixes #4320)


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I can confirm both issues using Dualshock 4 on Windows 10 and Linux.

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