Bug #4221

Characters get stuck in V-shaped terrain

Added by Jonas Quinn 5 months ago. Updated 25 days ago.

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I got stuck between a rock and a tree in a swamp near Seyda Neen, I couldn't even jump out of there

player->GetPos x


player->GetPos y


player->GetPos z


Stats: Dunmer, Agent, Sign: The Ritual

screenshot002.png View (633 KB) Jonas Quinn, 11/23/2017 03:06 AM

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Duplicated by OpenMW - Bug #4340: Player character gets stuck in any wedge-shaped ground Rejected 03/05/2018


#1 Updated by Randy Davin 5 months ago

Related to #4217?

#2 Updated by scrawl . 5 months ago

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Currently it's possible to get stuck if you are wedged between two or more slopes that are steeper than 45°. We should probably change the engine to allow jumping in this case. (Normally not allowed so as to prevent an exploit for 'jumping' up a mountain very easily)

#3 Updated by Alexander Nadeau 5 months ago

Some platformers like Jak and Daxter handle this kind of problem by making it so that, if the player stands still without sliding on solid geometry for long enough, the game automatically assumes that they're standing somewhere they can jump. Maybe something like that would be appropriate.

#4 Updated by Alexei Dobrohotov about 2 months ago

  • Duplicated by Bug #4340: Player character gets stuck in any wedge-shaped ground added

#5 Updated by scrawl . about 2 months ago

  • Subject changed from Got stuck in a swamp, tcl needed to get out to Characters get stuck in V-shaped terrain
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#6 Updated by scrawl . about 1 month ago

I'm surprised that no one has picked up this issue yet because it seems like a big quality of life improvement that should be easy enough to solve. If we had a label for 'great for a first contribution', this would have it. I'll even link the related code for you.

#7 Updated by Alexei Dobrohotov about 1 month ago

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#8 Updated by Alexei Dobrohotov 28 days ago

How exactly would I go around detecting if the player character stands on two slopes?..

#9 Updated by scrawl . 28 days ago

I wouldn't go about it that way. Check if the player is OnSlope and hasn't moved in X amount of time. That should be a good definition of being stuck because if not you would slide down the slope.

#10 Updated by Alexei Dobrohotov 28 days ago

Thank you.

#11 Updated by Alexei Dobrohotov 25 days ago

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