Bug #4216

Thrown weapon projectile doesn't rotate

Added by Miloslav Číž 5 months ago. Updated 5 months ago.

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When you throw a weapon in vanilla, the projectile is rotating as it flies, though very slowly. In OpenMW it does not rotate, it only keeps its orientation aligned with the trajectory. Video:


#1 Updated by Denis Smirnov 5 months ago

I'm not a weapon expert, but it seems to me that vanilla behavior doesn't make much sense in terms of physics - a weapon should either spin much faster or not spin at all, and that depends on the weapon type - knifes spin, but spears don't.

#2 Updated by Randy Davin 5 months ago

I agree that throwing knifes and stars should rotate. How about darts though? I remember there is a mod in Nexus that makes throwing weapons rotate and align correctly. But I dont use it.

#3 Updated by Miloslav Číž 5 months ago

I think it should rotate faster too, but then darts for example may look weird. We could also just rotate it 180° so that it flies blade-first, which is maybe not exactly how knives work, but would look good for all projectiles.

#4 Updated by Miloslav Číž 5 months ago

Also the projectile orientation is obtained with a quaternion that rotates one angle to another, which however results in wrong roll. Only yaw and pitch should be used to orient the projectile (could maybe be done with lookAt matrix).

#5 Updated by Miloslav Číž 5 months ago

I just tried and the lookAt matrix works great, just has to be inverted as it's primarily made for cameras. I'm now seeing a problem with the center of rotation, e.g. the throwing knife rotates around it's tip, but it's not very noticeable if it rotates slowly like in vanilla.

#6 Updated by Miloslav Číž 5 months ago

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