Bug #4177

Jumping/landing animation interference/flickering

Added by Miloslav Číž 27 days ago. Updated 17 days ago.

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If you jump and then turn a small amount when landing, the two animations (landing and turning) keep fighting each other and flicker as seen in the provided footage (in the video I'm performing this in water but it also happens on land). It might be regression as it's very noticeable and I don't remember seeing it until recently.

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Merge pull request #1529 from drummyfish/animfix

Stop character landing animation when turning (issue #4177)


#1 Updated by Andrei Kortunov 27 days ago

As I understood, there is a problem with the turning itself: when you are turning just a bit, a game switching the player between idle and turning animations almost immediately.
Take a look at description here.

Attacking, swimming and other animations are affected too.
An original Morrowind has this bug too, and I am not sure how to fix it.

#2 Updated by Miloslav Číž 27 days ago

Yes, I know about the idle vs turning animation problem, but this one (landing vs turning) is much more apparent as these animations are very different and super noticeable. I think the landing animation should have a priority over turning, that should be the solution. I'd guess that's what vanilla do, but let me take a look.

#3 Updated by Miloslav Číž 27 days ago

Vanilla stops the landing animation when you turn: So that's what we should do I think.

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