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Game app keeps moving/deleting comments in openmw.cfg

Added by Dark Locq 6 months ago. Updated 6 months ago.

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I have various comments in my openmw.cfg, sometimes commented-out mod data directories, but also often organizational comments, e.g. to indicate a block of related mods. Mostly, leaves them alone, but in some cases it insists on moving or removing them. It even seems to be doing this on the basis of what the content of the comment is. E.g., if I have a "# COMPANION MODS" header before a bunch of companion mods, it may move this comment to nearer a mod whose name starts with "Companion". Sometimes the moves or deletions don't seem to have any discernible rationale, but they don't seem to be truly random (it always wants to monkey around with the same ones).

Whatever's going on, it's intensely frustrating. At this point, I've had to maintain a "openmw_testing.cfg" file, in which I make changes, then copy it that file over openmw.cfg every single time I run the game, and thus just forcibly ignore all changes the app tries to make to the config file. If I need (very rarely) to actually change some setting in the config file with the GUI, I end up having to do a diff and integrate that code change from the openmw.cfg it generates, into my openmw_testing.cfg, then overwrite openmw.cfg again.

If you want, I can supply my openwm_testing.cfg and whatever is the latest mis-matching openmw.cfg the app has written out, if that would be helpful. PS: I've been using OpenMW since around January 2017, and it's been doing it the entire time, I think. Definitely for at least the last several months. I think I was certain it was happening by around May.

openmw.cfg (65.9 KB) Dark Locq, 09/10/2017 04:19 PM

openmw_testing.cfg (66 KB) Dark Locq, 09/10/2017 04:19 PM

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#1 Updated by Josh Langtree 6 months ago

In configurationmanager.cpp

configFileStream, description, true), variables);

Change to:
configFileStreamUnfiltered, description, true), variables);

Then re-try, hope this works for you.

#2 Updated by scrawl . 6 months ago

Change to:

Can you please stop posting these now? Suggesting random changes without understanding them nor having tested them is just spam.

#3 Updated by Josh Langtree 6 months ago

OP: Can you upload the config file so we cant test properly?

#4 Updated by Dark Locq 6 months ago

Sure. Attached here, both my "real" one, openmw_testing.cfg, and the last openmw.cfg written out by the app. It changed three things (this time; often it's more, though it often affects some of the same comments even if I alter their wording):

1. Deleted the comment:


2. Moved the comment:

   to where the "NPC/COMP MODS TO LOAD BEFORE COMPs" comment was.

3. Deleted the commented-out directory:

#data="/mw/mods to try/NPC and QUEST MODS/_installed/Looking_Good"
   though it left alone various other commented-out mod directories.

#5 Updated by Dark Locq 6 months ago

Correction to imprecise statement, "it always wants to monkey around with the same ones". That really would be more accurate as something like "Once it's started monkeying around with one of them, it doesn't stop, even if I re-word the comment."

#6 Updated by Dark Locq 6 months ago

See also #4085. While the problem is only peripherally related, a proposed solution (ability to turn off the game app's auto-management of the openmw.cfg file so that the file is hand-maintained by a mod nut like me) would work around both problems, though not address the underlying causes.

#7 Updated by Alexei Dobrohotov 5 months ago

  • Related to Bug #3503: [Launcher] openmw-launcher move the comments for data entries inside the quotes added

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