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Music transitions are too abrupt

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The music logic in Morrowind is primitive even compared to other Elder Scrolls titles: barring special events such as FMVs, level ups or death, music state is essentially divided between combat and non-combat. There is an abrupt transition between the two whenever combat starts or stops. This is exacerbated further in OpenMW - while vanilla would at least allow a half-second (or thereabouts) for the existing track to fade-out before the new one begins, in OpenMW the transition is almost immediate. For a game in which combat will occur typically hundreds of times in a playthrough, softening the transition at least to vanilla levels would be worthwhile.


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Addendum: After further playtesting of vanilla, I can also confirm this is another one of those things that is tied to the death animation. Spawn an NPC that has a particularly long death animation such as ash_zombie, and you will notice the combat music does not end until the animation has completed. In OpenMW, the music changes as soon as enemy health reaches 0.

This may seem as if the combat state itself does not end in vanilla until the death animation is finished, but you can in fact use the "rest" key as soon as the enemy's health reaches 0. Amusingly, using the rest function during the animation will see it complete from when it was last paused, even though any number of hours have passed - as also happens in OpemMW, only with the combat music playing all the while.

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I can confirm that when there is a switch between combat and non-combat music, after the switch the previous music takes a moment to fade out before the new track begins in original Morrowind, but there is no fade out and it changes immediately in OpenMW.

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Made a PR for this with 0.5 second fade out time for music

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