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Combat music does not start in dialogue

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Morrowind features numerous quests in which NPCs can become hostile to you in dialogue. All topics besides "Goodbye" will become greyed out, and in vanilla, this is when the exploration music ends and the combat music begins. In OpenMW the music will not transition until you have exited the dialogue window completely.

This does not apply to NPCs you've taunted into becoming hostile - in that case, the behavior is the same as in OpenMW. So it's not fully consistent in the vanilla game.

Tested with Foryn Gilnith in Seyda Neen (quest: "Death of a Taxman") and Fjol outside Hla Oad (quest: "Fjol the Outlaw")

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Added by Andrei Kortunov 5 months ago

Update music state in the menu mode (bug #3664)


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#2 Updated by Andrei Kortunov 10 months ago

Which behaviour would be more correct: a vanilla one, an OpenMW one, or starting a combat music in both cases?

#3 Updated by Andrei Kortunov 10 months ago

Note: taunt uses "Should Attack" editor function, but most of topics use "StartCombat Player" script function.

If we want vanilla behaviour, we can change music in "StartCombat" and "StopCombat" handlers.

#4 Updated by Andrei Kortunov 9 months ago

taunt uses "Should Attack" editor function

Actally, successfull taunt just increases NPC Fight rating. The battle in this case starts after you close dialogue window.
With "StartCombat" battle starts immediately, but we update a music state in a different place.

#5 Updated by Andrei Kortunov 9 months ago

We can add, of cource

mActors.update(0, false);

check to MechanicsManager::startCombat, but it looks like overkill.

IMO, we can split a music transition from Actors::update() and update music state separately.

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