Bug #3609

Items confiscated to evidence chest have their owner changed

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Items confiscated to evidence chests in OpenMW 0.40 have their "stolen" tags decremented, which may cause unpredictable vendor behaviour.

To reproduce:

Console> tfh
Steal X items of the same ID that belong to vendor Foo
(crime has been reported or not = no difference)
Get caught by guard for any crime
Pay gold/Go to Jail
locate evidence chest
open it

The confiscated item will have its "X stolen from Foo" removed
If you steal the item at this point it will just have "X stolen from imperial legion"
However, you can now sell the item to a vendor who was the original owner

Other cases:

Steal 2 items of the same ID = 1 from Bar, 1 from Foo
(the stolen tags seem to be ordered alphabetically)

Get caught with 1 item on you and go open evidence chest
The stolen item will have "1 stolen from Foo"
The first tag has been removed when the item was placed in the chest

Steal 2 items of the same ID = 2 from Foo

Get caught with 2 items on you and go open evidence chest
The item will have no "stolen" tags

The system seems to decrement the "stolen" tags on item IDs.
It subtracts "stolen" tags based on the number of items of the same ID which have been confiscated
It removes the "stolen from" tag from the item ID, if the counter on the tag reaches 0


If a player steals a bunch of items and gets caught, they may be inclined to visit the local evidence chest to get the stuff back.

1. Selling some of the stuff back to their original owner may work peacefully, as the "X stolen from ..." tag has gone from X to 0, and disappeared entirely from the item.

2. Multiple item copies that were stolen from a single owner, or a single copy stolen from multiple owners, may trigger a hostile response upon sellback. It all depends on how many of the stolen items have been confiscated.


Advance in the Imperial Legion:

high enough to loot the evidence chest legally
without getting "stolen from imperial legion" tags
repeatedly get caught and loot the items
reset any "stolen" tags on all items down to 0
sell everything back to their original owners.

The original game preserved "owner" tags on the items (seems similar to "stolen from" tags in OpenMW), even when they were confiscated to evidence chests.


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Problem is here - items added to a container implicitely change their owner to that of the container. A more sane behavior might be to only set the owner if the item previously had no owner, just need to be careful we're not breaking anything else.

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#4 Updated by Andrei Kortunov 5 months ago

The confiscated item will have its "X stolen from Foo" removed

But if we keep "X stolen from Foo" after confiscation, guards will confiscate X again and again, even if stolen items are already in evidence chest, right?

#5 Updated by Hla Mas 5 months ago

I would suggest rethinking the system so the evidence chest doesn't become a loot laundering exploit. I think the root of the problem is in the way the stolen-from flags are added. The flags are not added to object instances but object types. I realize the immediate solution, e.g. to flag object instances, would require a great amount of data stored in the save file. I'm not sure about that being a good solution.

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