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NPCs can't hit bull netch with melee weapons

Added by R. D. almost 2 years ago. Updated 12 days ago.

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While the cliff racer and bull netch got some fixes recently, NPCs can't seem to hit the bull netch in melee.

Go to Dren Plantation and use the console to make an NPC start melee combat with the bull netch there. In the original engine they can hit it without a problem, but they can't in OpenMW.

Even if you make the bull netch lower down some by having it initiate the combat, the NPC still can't hit it.


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Hm, this looks to be another case where the original engine is handling collision boxes inconsistently.

If you look at the tcb/tcg output, the distance between the bull netch's and the player's collision box is clearly larger than fCombatDistance. So why does it work?

Try to levitate then hit the bull netch where its head is, you won't be able to hit it. You need to hit below its collision box. I suspect that the collision box is being used as if its offset was (0,0,0).

Preliminary testing suggests:

Hit tests (being targeted): offset not used
Hit tests (targeting someone else): offset not used [this is what the recent "cliff racer fix" was all about]
Touch magic: offset not used
Target magic: offset is used
Marksman weapons: offset is used
Movement collision: offset is used

(The 'offset' is defined by the 'Bounding Box Translation' field in the NIF file.)

I am not sure yet how to best implement this, seems like this many special cases will create a giant mess no matter how I go about it...

#2 Updated by R. D. almost 2 years ago

Well, you probably don't need my advice on how to do things, but all I can suggest is to address these special cases as they come up, and maybe once everything is working and no more unaccounted for cases are found, a more elegant way that connects them all together will become visible?

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