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Show buffs and debuffs on skills and attributes

Added by Chris Robinson about 2 years ago. Updated 9 months ago.

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As it is currently (and as was the case in vanilla), when a skill or attribute is buffed or debuffed the UI shows it as bolded or in red. However, if it's both buffed and debuffed at the same time it will be colored according to whether the combined result is greater or less than the base value.

So for instance, if your strength is buffed by 15 points and is debuffed by 10 points, it will still show as buffed in the UI with no indication in the skills and attributes window that anything's wrong. If it's debuffed as a result of a Drain Attribute effect, you have to look through your active effects list to find out, and if it's a result of a Damage Attribute effect, it won't show anything negative for it at all, even though it can still be restored.

I propose two ways to handle this, which can both be done at the same time if desired. One, show the attribute or skill value in red if there's any negative mark against it at all, even if the result is still greater than the base value. Two, show the positive and negative modifiers along side the combined result. e.g.

Strength   (+15 -10) 85
. This latter option will be beneficial even if there's no negative modifiers, as an easy way to let players know what the base value is with a tiny bit of mental math.


#1 Updated by Alexei Dobrohotov about 1 year ago

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Post-1.0 I guess.

#2 Updated by Andrei Kortunov 9 months ago

It seems this feature is related to #2446. We need a way to split buffs from debuffs (current implementation uses single mModifier variable).

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