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Boots for races with non-standard anatomy

Added by Amenophis . over 2 years ago. Updated 7 months ago.

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Make the engine has an option to recognize a beast race and automatically disable the “body part foot” of the boots, that way allowing beasts to wear armored boots without the need of mods.

Unbeasted Khajiit Boots glitch.jpg View - Odd Vision (1.22 MB) Amenophis ., 08/08/2015 02:00 AM

Unbeasted Khajiit.jpg View - Odd Vison 2 (1.18 MB) Amenophis ., 08/08/2015 02:04 AM

Boots for Beasts.jpeg View - Ideal look (1.21 MB) Amenophis ., 08/08/2015 02:16 AM


#1 Updated by vivec Ae Seht over 2 years ago

this is uber easy to mod, tbh...
races->[argonian/khajiit]->untick [beast race]

#2 Updated by Amenophis . over 2 years ago

Just unbeasting Khajiits and Argonians just make them walk like human races. It's an odd vision. (pics attached).

The mod Boots for Beasts ( created a whole set of boots mirroring the vanilla ones. The limitation is that no new modded boot will have this effect. An engine option to allow beast wear boots the way I described will work for any armored boot, modded or vanilla.

#3 Updated by Jeffrey Haines over 2 years ago

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Post 1.0 feature.
Will need to consider beast armor code mechanics.

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#5 Updated by Alexei Dobrohotov 7 months ago

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Although the beast races in Skyrim are obviously not digitigrade, Creation Engine allows using different equipment meshes for different races, e.g. larger hoods for Argonian, Khajiit and Orc and slightly thinner hoods for Elven races - i.e. so-called armor addon records state what races use which mesh for a particular armor record.

Adding support for this method to be used in a game or a mod may be a more acceptable solution rather than just detecting Beast flag and disabling Foot body part just to allow the character to equip the boots - which also leads to unwanted balance changes compared to vanilla Morrowind and possible clipping.

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