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Ordinators not attacking on sight once they mark you for death

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//this probably has not been implemented yet, but i did use the little search bar to see if it was reported and I didn't see it on the list. I am putting it under feature as it's not really a bug, but something that is missing.

In vanilla Morrowind, if you wore a piece of indoril armor (cuirass/helmet specifically) and talked to an ordinator, they would mark you for death and attack you. Any ordinators who see you following this ought to attack you on sight -- similarly to if you had a bounty.

OpenMW vs Vanilla Morrowind of this feature:

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A side effect of the "setfight" script implementation in OpenMW. In vanilla MW setfight changed the fight value on the base object, i.e. all instances of that object are affected. In OpenMW only the calling instance is changed.

If we change the function to be vanilla-compatible, we should offer a new function post-1.0 that operates on object instances.

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fair enough, and i am unsure why i posted that as MacOS, i'm running Xubuntu 15.04

Thank you again for your hard work, Jannik.

I would offer to assist in the programming, but being a self-taught programmer, my scripting would probably be so sloppy that it'd just muck up the project. I'll try to stay on freenode #openmw

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Vanilla does this for all functions that change AI parameters, not just fight:
Set/ModFight, Flee, Alarm, Hello

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