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OpenMW OSG: falling from 9.000.000 units height into water should be deadly

Added by Who Knows over 2 years ago. Updated almost 2 years ago.

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at least without slowfall


#1 Updated by sjek - over 2 years ago

to my knowledge in vanilla water negates all fall damage.
for practical purposes it could be started from 32 000 vanilla ground height limit 1 helth for 100 units making calculation easy. 70 unit is roughly 1 meter

in real world it depends to what kind of surface you dive into. what remember straight to mirror surface is hit harder and in a slope to waves is much better.

even from 10 meters jumping onto mirror with newspaper on it is same as jumping to cement due to surface tension.
for taking that much to account it would have to scripted after 1.0

in game height it's easy way to get of the roof no matter how shallow the water is. suggest forums if for extended mechanics.

#2 Updated by Who Knows over 2 years ago

That sounds good, but,
ATM you can only attach one script to an NPC. So having height and ground type checked by a script will remove - not all mods can be merged - an already existing script. As well, if you want to attach that script (or more) to every single NPC you'd have to change data for every single NPC manually.

Is there a plan to make attaching more than one script to an NPC/creature/<object> possible (e.g. Caius has several script entries in the scripts section: 1) blademaster_script, 2) impact_influence_script, 3) ...)?
Setting "base" scripts that can be applicated to a profession/race/faction/... EACH/NPC/CREA/CONTAINER/... could be a less error-prone and practical way to influence objects behaviour.

#3 Updated by sjek - over 2 years ago

in multiple scripts have been how to handle state conditioned ifs like when having multiple quests doing different things. one way would be to merge them on runtime but how and what criteria. giving modders extra parameter like important / not important one way but complicated. all running separately and while one is eg. if/while activated others will automatically shut down. this would cause randomness in actions. combability issues would be potentials. some extra parameter to mod is they merged would leave it totally post 1.0 feature.

there's also automatic turret mod post on forums which handle same issues

on fall dmg: something like
while ( oncollide 0 )
set {x,y,z} to {0,0,0}
if ( framecountscript.count > 4 )
set {x1,y1,z1} to ( getpos {x,y,z} )
if abs({........

if ( oncollide 1 )
set {x,y,z} to ( getpos {x,y,z} )
modhealth ( -speed*customglobal )

... custom globals + no variable restrictions + strings get lot way with handle to reference object classes.
critical part for that would be to able to use variables multiple times on runtime.

scripting gravitation physics.... :P
water level could be taken with OR / elseif structure it saved on files with z value.

#4 Updated by scrawl . almost 2 years ago

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