Bug #2445

Spellcasting can be interrupted

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When casting a spell, the animation can be canceled at any time by pressing the "ready spell" key again. This was not possible in the original engine, and may be frustrating when accidentally pressing this key, the magicka cost would be spent but no spell cast. Also this could be abused to achieve faster spellcasting by canceling the attack follow animation.

The same technique can be used to cancel shooting an arrow (also not possible in original engine). We may want to keep this behaviour.

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Related to OpenMW - Bug #2835: [exploit/bug] ability to slowly move when overencumbered Confirmed 08/08/2015

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Added by Andrei Kortunov 23 days ago

Do not allow player to change weapon/spell during attack or spellcasting (bug #2445)


#1 Updated by Marshall Styczinski over 2 years ago

This is 100% reproducible. I do think it's frustrating, as alluded to above. It's nice to be able to cancel casting a spell or shooting an arrow, so I suggest delaying the magicka deduction until the point when the spell is cast.

Would it be possible to lock in the animation after a certain point, so that faster spellcasting abuse can be averted?

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  • Related to Bug #2835: [exploit/bug] ability to slowly move when overencumbered added

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Easiest way to fix this bug is perform an animation check, and make hotkey noop if casting/aiming animation is playing.
But in vanilla Morrowind triggered quick keys actions are delayed, not cancelled.

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See #4050, #4051, #4053 - this is causing problems.

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