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Tracking inventory changes

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"Suran Dancers" mod make the dancers, Helviane and Khinjarsi wear new tops and sarongs. But if your PC already visited "Desele's House of Earthly Delights" these changes are not applied.
Suran Dancers


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Amenophis . wrote:

But if your PC already visited "Desele's House of Earthly Delights" these changes are not applied.

Does it not happen this way in Vanilla? Are there any problems if you start a new save file?

The way I see it, vanilla MW could easily be done one of two behaviors: "Save inventories that have been modified" or "Save any inventory you've ever seen", and then loading a new mod might or might not have an effect on "defined" inventories.

It seems like OpenMW is doing something similar to the latter behavior. There were always problems with loading this kind of mod on "hot" saves in MW, anyway. I wouldn't see this as a critical bug since MW itself handles things like this badly, but if we know exactly what vanilla MW does, OpenMW should do the same behavior. If MW does something more complicated with default inventory state, there's a deeper problem.

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@Alexander Nadeau

You're right! OpenMW is behaving exactly like Morrowind. Sorry for not comparing with the vanilla engine before open the issue. Can we change this to Feature Request?

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