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Punishment for reading owned books

Added by R G over 3 years ago. Updated 3 months ago.

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Any vendor that has books for sale and displays them on shelves can be cheated by the PC.

With other goods picking them up is recognised as stealing with all the consequences. With books the PC can pick them up and read them, and get any skill bonus attached, then place it back using the close button. PC's should not be able to openly pick up books in shops, or if they are allowed to then they can only get any skill bonus once they have bought or stolen it.


#1 Updated by Thomas Staudinger over 3 years ago

Why shouldn't the PC be able to take a look into books? I can do it in real life too. And it works the same way in original Morrowind. I agree with your second point though, it would be cool if you only got skill boni when you read a book that you own (maybe even some sort of Rest-dialogue so that learning actually takes time), but that would be something a mod should implement.

#2 Updated by R G over 3 years ago

I could not remember if it was in MW but the fact you can get the bonus is an exploit that should not be available. Several exploits that were in the original have been closed by OpenMW and I think this should be as well. Adding a delay or rest before getting bonus points from books via a mod is a nice idea.

#3 Updated by scrawl . over 3 years ago

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This is a big gameplay change, and there is a chance it would break quests. Therefore out of the question for 1.0, but we can add support for changing this in a mod after 1.0.

#4 Updated by scrawl . about 3 years ago

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#5 Updated by rot tor 3 months ago

It would have to be toggleable on a per-instance basis, because books are often put on display with the intent that the player should be able to read (but not take) them.

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