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Round up encumbrance or show decimal places

Added by Evil Eye over 3 years ago. Updated 12 months ago.

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My encumbrance was 201/200, I dropped an item that weighed 1.5, my encumbrance was 200/200 and I couldn't move. I felt a little cheated so...

Could I have some decimal places please? Or maybe round up encumbrance for much the same reason the MCP rounds down magicka.


#1 Updated by scrawl . over 3 years ago

If I recall, this could happen in vanilla MW too. Rounding up encumbrance sounds like a good idea.

#2 Updated by Paul McElroy over 3 years ago

If players have to deal with hidden decimal places in the weight of their items it will be confusing and cumbersome to round up the amount the PC is actually carrying. The system needs to be reliable so you can make easy and quick judgments about what you should drop so you can get on with your game.

Rounding up encumbrance will still cause confusion and frustration. Imagine a player has many ingredients of less than a half a point of encumbrance or less.

The easiest and kindest system is to just show the hundredth's decimal place. If you don't want it to be always visible because you think the decimal place is ugly, why not just show it on mouse-over or have some other convenient hiding mechanism? 200.00/200 would be annoying and unnecessary for sure.

#3 Updated by scrawl . over 3 years ago

IMO showing decimal places could be immersion-breaking. You could argue that the character is only supposed to "roughly" know what weight he is carrying. By rounding up, we get the added knowledge if we are carrying too much (but we know that anyway by trying to walk, so it's more of a convenience thing).

#4 Updated by Evil Eye over 3 years ago

Of course it's a convenience thing, players could just calculate their own encumbrance since you do show item weights to two or so decimals, but no one wants to do that. I'd argue that the interface is immersion-breaking in any case. Oblivion's was probably more immersive, Morrowind's is just designed to get the point across at a glance.

Anyway, how about a rounded up X/Y with a hover menu on X showing more accurate encumbrance?

#5 Updated by Paul McElroy over 3 years ago

Another possibility is to only show the decimal places if the encumbrance is close enough to the max encumbrance to be necessary, say - within 1 or 2 points.

It's very trivial, so do it how you want for now, Scrawl, and if it causes annoyances later on you can change it.

#6 Updated by Alexei Dobrohotov 12 months ago

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And another post-1.0 feature.

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