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Reverse pickpocketing

Added by Alex McKibben over 3 years ago. Updated 10 days ago.

Game Mechanics
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The ability to place an item into an NPC's inventory through the same interface accessed when pickpocketing an NPC.

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Duplicated by OpenMW - Feature #2523: OpenMW: placing items into NPCs inventory Rejected 05/08/2015


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  • Duplicated by Feature #2523: OpenMW: placing items into NPCs inventory added

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Is this a feature we should follow through with? Could be quite interesting with mods.
Go place this rare fertile egg on so and so. Then they get caught with it...

It makes sense.

Question, if I steel an item and place it back did I still steel the item?

#4 Updated by sjek - over 2 years ago

it could be better to leave as still stolen

if all vanilla and mod script checks have all doonce short execution it would work. putting it back before anybody noticing it's stolen maybe. same change to put pack as with speech craft admire/taunt ?

best would be simple as possible bounty removal and item check in same cell instance as stealing althought that goes for same game mechanics .p for further can be taken those discussions on forum for improvements

or putting it to settings.cfg like toggle sneak without extra features + leaving it for modding

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Removing myself while I update bug tracker.

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